Magma boat grills recently swept all classes as the “Best Choice” in both Practical Sailor and Power Boat Reports magazines, who are known for their nonpartisan independent product testing.  The results of the comprehensive test appeared in the June 2006 issue.  A variety of the top selling round and rectangular grills were tested.

Both the new “Marine Kettle 2” and the “Catalina” Gourmet Series grills had “good” or “excellent” scores when it came to ease of assembly, easy cleanup, cooking rating and quality construction.  The Catalina was the only grill tested that included a warming rack, which also put it another notch above the competition.

Both models were tested on heat distribution, temperature control and ease of use.  According to published results, the Marine Kettle 2 received top marks in part because its high quality 18-9 polished stainless steel metal construction resisted rust and corrosion more effectively than its competitor.      

The Magma grills were labeled “Best Choice” because of quality details like the Catalina’s fractional grill and easy-to-install propane tank and the Marine Kettle 2’s long lasting, solid construction.       

Magma Products is the world’s largest manufacturer of all-stainless steel grills and the only major supplier of US-made onboard boat grills.  The product line includes onboard boat grills, residential stainless steel grills, grilling accessories, propane accessories, serving tables, fishing and filet tables, stainless steel cookware, boat umbrellas, boat stabilizers and boat stabilizer outriggers.